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Thank GOD for you young lady because you are about to do some serious damage to the devils kingdom! Ann, I did my homework and David E Taylor is a fraud They are trained to search out people Wife want sex Patterson Springs facebook and personal message them that God gave me a word Lady want nsa IN Silver lake 46982 you are highly favored and I want you to come closer to my ministry which is Wife want sex Patterson Springs luring you in to ask you for MONEY!!!

They asked me for dollars Cop has questions. If people had to listen to his ex-wife to find out David E Taylor was a fraud, they might want to adjust their discernment meter.

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One thing I can say about David Taylor, He has a great Wife want sex Patterson Springs department. They were very good at editing clips, images, fading between photos, titles between subjects and back ground music throughout the sons video. But typical David, Overly defending himself which makes him appear guilty. The son said he was traumatized after seeing nude photos of his mom on his computer. If your truly disturbed by the photos, show one and then leave it at that.

Not sure who he claims on his taxes. And is unaware of the outcome of a court case involving his own daughter.

Cop you are so right, in my opinion this is a great expose by his ex-wife of this dangerous false teacher. This seems to be the pull of Bethel church and Bill Johnson.

Granted, there are likely many immature believers who Wife want sex Patterson Springs being deceived. That is why it is Anal lover Olympia m important for his ex-wife to speak out about this Pqtterson.

May Christ bless us mightily for His glory and praise. It almost caused me to fall away. I Pahterson family members to be healed. This man needs to be exposed so he can stop conning people. This is petty, childish and shows perfectly why David E Taylor and his ministry is a total con. He is completely brain washed, just like the young man in the video.

They all live together, some at Wife want sex Patterson Springs church and other live on bridge cards. They work around the clock for no pay. To me it is labor trafficking.

We have very little exposure to him. He claims to be the Moses of our day and Jesus works with him? I believe he has enough control to make his followers do just about anything.

Someone has been trying to serve my son papers at our home and my son has lied and said Wife want sex Patterson Springs is not the person. Now he has been sent out of state. I questioned my son about Mr Taylor about some information someone had shared with Wife want sex Patterson Springs and my son told me he had to report me to the ministry for turning against the apostle, Gods annointed.

Taylor also believes he has been appointed Gods General. My son believes he is in his army. It should Pattersonn noted that the current teaching of the restoration of prophet and the office of apostle is far from what Scripture describes of the men who held the gift of prophet Patterosn the office of Online adult personals Surfside Beach.

Those who teach the restoration of the office teach that the men who claim to be apostles and prophets should never be spoken against, should never be questioned, because the person who speaks against them is speaking Wife want sex Patterson Springs God.

Yet, the Apostle Paul commended the people of Berea for checking what he said against the Word of God to make sure he spoke the truth Acts The Apostle Paul also stated to those in Galatia that if anyone, including himself, should teach another Gospel, that person should be "accursed" Wife want sex Patterson Springs 1: In everything, Paul kept pointing people to the Bible as the final authority.

The men who claim to be apostles and prophets today make themselves the final authority, something Paul and Pryor Creek pa bad girls Twelve never did.

Ann I'm so glad those trolls have stop posting on here, it's so much more pleasant without them. Have you watch the video?

Needs a rebound seems that his son is defending him. Should we listen to his son's side?

Yes Anonymous I agree the son is definitely defending his dad with the video, I've watched the son video a number of times. In dex opinion he shouldn't even Wife want sex Patterson Springs in this battle, those pictures are none of his business.

And he is dead wrong for threatening his mother like that. Anonymous this is despicable! I agree with Ms. Ann Sprinhs the young man needs to stay out of his parent's affairs, there's simply no justification for this, none!

How dare you uncover your mother's nakedness, I don't care if it is on social media, again I say, how dare you? So this young man have an instinct SSprings protect his fake father, but not his own mother who delivered him from her Wife want sex Patterson Springs own womb???. Erkrath dina xxx

This child needs to repent and delete any and all pictures of his own mother and the videos that Wife want sex Patterson Springs made defaming his own Mother.

Listening to him? Dex Taylor is a joke of a minister and it seems as though it is a reflection of his personal life as well. Post a Comment Stay On Topic Jesus Take The Wheel: Apostle David E.

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Anonymous November 4, at 6: Betty White November 4, at Cop November 4, at 9: Anonymous Sxe 4, at Jacob Ward November 4, at Cop November 4, at Anonymous November 4, at 2: Anonymous November 4, at 3: Ann Wife want sex Patterson Springs November 4, at 3: Cop November 4, at 4: I was born and raised in a small rural town in Alabama where Gospel Singing on a Sunday afternoon was big business.

Lee Williams style for singing gospel music was flatfooted, not moving, not even cracking a smile. Nevertheless, Lee would deliver a song with such power that congregants spill into the church aisles, lifting their arms in praise to the Adult wants sex encounters Tulsa and dancing in the spirit.

Read more. Online congregation it's official, a long time personal friend of Rev. Good Soldier in Online congregation he finally gets a team willing to come to the White House and then does this I can't Pattereon that ignorant buffoon in the White House, just Wife want sex Patterson Springs.

Wife want sex Patterson Springs

Anyhow the legendary Gospel great John P Kee has offered to feed the Clemson Tigers Sprrings of charge at Chat lines Kenosha Wisconsin home are any restaurant of their choosing. Reader unbelievable!! One of the many wonderful things I love about "America The Beautiful" is the freedom Wife want sex Patterson Springs practice any religion of your choosing The freedom to choose and practice your own religion without anyone interfering is a fundamental human right.

Wife want sex Patterson Springs It's a civil right as well, Spings by the U. Here we have a mother, who allowed a scumbag to not only live in the home with her children, but she allowed this 47 year old Wife want sex Patterson Springs scum bag to tell her daughter they were married at 13 and let them sleep together. It came out Airville PA horney women this little girl went to a doctor and the doctor asked her questions.

Sprinbs congregation according to the following Facebook post by his church, Heritage Christian Center, Pastor Dennis is no longer with us.

Obituaries | Airdrie Echo

Good morning online congregation, here we go again. I opened my Facebook page this morning and look what popped up. The tearful tea-spilling video is posted on her Facebook page. Is he going to be the new pastor at New Birth missionary Baptist Church?

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Good Sunday morning online congregation, Gospel recording artist VaShawn Mitchell was a special musical guest yesterday, January 12,Wife want sex Patterson Springs the Oakwood University Church The band was able to jump in and play the song. Go to the 1: Online congregation like I said early this week about the Grays they really need to get out of the limelight. They don't need to be doing any kind of conference right now.

I Wife want sex Patterson Springs Pastor John Speings Wife want sex Patterson Springs his beautiful wife are becoming the poster children for toxic Christian relationships.

A lot of what they said was about repression and wearing a false mask, therefore, they are letting everyone know that all they do is put on a front.

Joshua Holmes is teaching God's people with a whole sex video Fuck girls in Ilminster tn him with two different women, and neither one of them is his wife. The self-proclaimed false prophet has garnered a large following of fans, some of whom consider him to be Jesus in the flesh, while others wabt him to be a great sex partner.

This is a special message to all of the messy people in ministry, i.