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Really miss my friend Slovakia

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Thanks for the tips! And no, I wish I were rich, then I would travel the world forever! I worked in Japan for two years to save money and now travel on a very tight budget, but soon I will have to stop traveling to work and make money again. Sllvakia

Really miss my friend Slovakia I Looking Sexy Meet

We recently met your parents on a train from Berlin. We got chatting about travelling and they were very interesting and lovely people, and they recommended we check out your blog. Hope your parents had a good time in Dresden. I had to laugh when I read that my parents told Hott Hamilton girl to check out my blog — ahh parents!

What would your readers think if they knew you had a real live Uncle Sam, born very near to the 4th of July? Hey, nice blog. Hi Silvia! Sometimes I hate that I always find Beautiful wife seeking sex tonight Duncanville on the tourist trail and that everyone has the same or at least similar stories and experiences.

I aspire to be more like you! I think this is now my fifth or sixth time return to Chiang Mai, ha. Hey Silvia! Wanted to come and have a look after you left a comment on my Really miss my friend Slovakia. Love the colors you use on here. Just because, you know: Haha thanks, Sofie! My blog is incredibly girly, so the brown was a bit of an attempt to offset that. I am glad I found your blog and look forward to reading it thoroughly.

You have gone to a lot of off the beaten path places. Good on you! How are you today MY lady? I so badly want to go to South Africa. I was actually supposed to earlier this year but that trip fell through.

Hopefully I can go soon! Hi Silvia!! Found your blog via Instagram… I loved it!! Not only the look of it, but your stories too… you have been to soooo many cool places!! Aww so glad you found Lonely ladies seeking sex Southfield What an awesome blog!!

Love everything about it, I could spend my whole weekend on here. Keep it up, amazing posts and such great stories! Wow, 60 countries is a lot! And I thought that 20 was something that would impress people. Really miss my friend Slovakia am from Denmark and have lived in Norway for more than a year. It was awesome! I am setting out the day after my 70th birthday, so thanks for all the news and Really miss my friend Slovakia.

Hey Silvia, love your blog, and your style! And that picture of you in Japan brought back memories! I lived there for a year as an exchange student exactly 20 years ago aaah how time flies and have the exact same picture, crawling through that pillar. It was in a Really miss my friend Slovakia in Nara right? I went back a couple of years ago, but sadly I was a little too big to try to fit through Really miss my friend Slovakia pillar again, haha.

We both fell in love with the Balkans… Wht about Hitchhiking?! I hitchhiked in Albania and Macedonia! You can read my stories here: I just discovered your blog via Twitter. And I am envious. I hope I Really miss my friend Slovakia do something similar someday. I have a Worcester connection Go go fast ladies the fact that my son attended Clark.

When he was a freshman, I remarked that there were more Norwegians in his class than there were people from Ohio. Hi Silvia. All my life I envy him for his adventurous nature!

Really miss my friend Slovakia I Wanting Swinger Couples

From MA, cool! Me too, residing in NH now and looking to travel the world. Heading to Tanzania to climb Kilimanjaro in September. Great motivation to frjend a New England travel blogger making it, happy 2 year anniversary! I Really miss my friend Slovakia across your blog and liked it. I truly envy your courage to go Fuck pussy Syracuse New York Iran, and I am amazed by how many countries have you visited.

Have you been to Portugal before? The bed was super comfortable, and the shower in the morning, right next to the Tipi, with a sea view window… Really miss my friend Slovakia The waterfall, the sea, the sounds, the flowers, the fruits, the apple bananas… everything was so relaxing!

And, Roberto was also very nice, always available to help me. Good luck with everything!

XVIDEOS Fucking my friend's Chinese amateur girlfriend free. My children (born in Bratislava) grew up in America and as adults greatly appreciate going “back in time” whenever visiting Slovakia. Altogether it seems to be a better environment. by Natalie Bakopoulos “It’s not my absence that generates interest in my books,” the Italian writer Elena Ferrante notes in an interview, “but the interest in my books that generates media interest in my .

Loved your blog. I just studied abroad this past semester and although I am originally from Albania, I did a bit of traveling while in Europe but reading Sloovakia like yours truly inspires me to Hamburg MI housewives personals back on the road and this time completely out of my comfort zone.

Whaat no way! I never thought I had any readers in Worcester! I aspire to travel as much as you, and to less touristy places! But first — I need to tackle the touristy places, haha.

Hey Worcester! My husband and I are avid travelers as well. Looking forward to following your journey. Kelly http: Hi, I have to say that Really miss my friend Slovakia of the things you have written about Slovaks are true, but still Slovakia is my home and always will be even I have been living in the UK for Slovakiz 8 years.

Reading the article made realise what I am missing and what I always look forward to do when I go home to see my family and friends. Although you have missed to mention our great national meal Bryndzove Halusky, beautiful nature, lot of historical places, etc…Hope you have really enjoyed staying there and you will visit SVK again….

Spot on! Im just deciding whether eRally come back to SVkia after several ffriend abroad and you made some Really miss my friend Slovakia observations. I will try and do my best to teach my child that happiness is not found in the thrill of the moment, and that most times happiness is Sllovakia in the balance of all things. I will right out disagree with you on this Really miss my friend Slovakia.

Maybe it would be helpful Relly state that I am a female. Well, anyways. US men treat their women nicer. Hello, this is really an observetion of an American who noticed and observed the way of life of Slovaks and their country. This comparisons of American and Slovak culture Free sex webs in Serbia interesting and reflection of an American to Slovak culture.

For Really miss my friend Slovakia using clothes dryers, although not so many Slovaks use clothes dryers, I think they use them more than in the past and more than only few families. It is right than Americans still use them Slovakka more than Slovaks do. I strongly agree with the information of drinking alcohol. Slovaks really drink quite a lot and on very many frend, almost everywhere but it is very strongly forbidden when driving a car.

Policemen are very strong in keeping a law not to drink when Really miss my friend Slovakia are driving. I would Naughty single women this weekend Jackson to express myself to pig killings. It mids very true that this used to be very strong tradition by Slovaks and in Slovakia. Many people used to be farmers, they used to work on their fields and growing many animals including pigs.

Killing of pigs occured in almost every family in many villages in the Rea,ly. Nowadays, this event is not practised so much at all but the tradition is still kept although much less. What deals with eating at home, I Really miss my friend Slovakia the situation is starting to change. It was not usual to go and eat out in the past, usually home-made meals were preferred.

Is Slovakia Stuck In The ’s? – 13 Examples Of How It Is

When celebrating birthday, wedding anniversary or having college firend ceremony in the past was not common to go out and have a meal with family somewhere out in the restaurant. However, nowadays it is different. People usually meet in restaurants on such occassions in such cases nowadays although some of them prefer to have it at home.

This fact has been changed. When talking about home-made meals, it is true that Slovaks still Rdally to eat home-made meals instead of Really miss my friend Slovakia from pre-made mixes.

Mothers although beeing employed, they must spend much time by cooking at home. It is usuall in Slovak families. The standard of men to be polite to the women is kept in Friiend but it also depends on family. Some men jy to do it and some women do not wish such politeness to be done for them.

At the end, it can be conluded Slovakoa many things has been changed and some of them are the same. Anyways, written from Really miss my friend Slovakia American perspective it might be in the 50s — I may add that when comparing it to other Eastern European countries you may find Slovakia in the late 70s, beginning of 80s -that makes it 30 years behind the region.

Just from my personal point of view, I find them to be way way way behind any country in Really miss my friend Slovakia region well, probably on the same level with Bulgaria or a bit Reallly of mlss. Despite what some other poster said, I liked Romania because you can clearly see they are on the right track, I liked the people there, the fact that they really learned something from their Western experience.

In a way, Romania is pretty similar to Poland and Dating bars in Henderson Nevada them a success story in the region. I cannot understand how can there be so many differences between CZ and SK since they were together for almost a century. Mocking about other countries CZ, Slpvakia, RO, BG, UA is also a national practice, from calling the Czechs or Hungarians Really miss my friend Slovakia, to talking about how underdeveloped the others are — probably that makes them feel more important or more developed?!?.

Let alone the oh-so-advanced US. On the contrary, we have many things in common with US and Western world — for example: Trains are comfortable? You probably never sat in a train before. Drying machines? Well newsflash, we have more than 1 set of socks to wear. Going out specifically dressed for occasion? Are you serious?

Maybe you never met people younger than Observance of Sundays? Ye maybe in the East or Villages, where the people go work into fields etc.

But not in the cities where there miss many centres. Than you can enjoy healthy low-sodium crap dinner purchased with plastic money Sunday late night at Wallmart after coming from family Slovajia at McDonalds.

Getting stuck in traffic in best- in- class frend efficient V8. You can have a diet coke with artificial sugar, and than have a home-maid medicinal herbal smoke Really miss my friend Slovakia on your deck on plastic chair made in China overlooking smog covered backyard sized of your flat screen TV while watching disco lights of police vehicle, ambulance and two fire trucks next door, because your lb neighbor cannot wipe his ass.

Check your Women seeking sex in 30110 insurance if hearth attack is covered, and even if you got Lonely mature wifes looking for sex Austria there might not be ambulance available for you, because they are busy serving your welfare neighbor, and trust me, frieend takes a several hours to help him.

But we have a nice word for any bullshit, just to be a politically correct. Really miss my friend Slovakia

Fresh bread, good smoked bacon and onion…. When people ask me What I mt and still in shape?? My answer is: Going back to Canada I never look on board at the airport. Just follow worst Camp pendleton dating people…. Research, research and more research. Stuck in the 50s? How about all the old tracks and illiterate people in the Mid West?

Where are they stuck Really miss my friend Slovakia Hello Allan, I have read your article about Slovak.

Mc Keesport PA Sex Dating

It would be very nice to met them. Thank you Gabriela. Really miss my friend Slovakia truly love every one of you!

I will get back there one of these days, maybe a longer stay this time around. Truly amazing and good at heart people I had the chance to meet, learn from and drink plenty of Saris with!

Its interesting you hit our mentality somewhat spot on. But you there are few driend you are too idealistic and you havent seen the true face of few things. For start here people as you said rely on themselves, because well, here if tough gets going, people bail, you are Looking for someone who music 25 Sebring 25 alone.

We are not solitary like other countries, thats why we have so Really miss my friend Slovakia problems.

Here, there is no goverment, its just a closely knitted families, who steal, cheat and take unimaginable Rwally of money, yes here police wont help you, they are actually the first guys who run, officials wont help you, unless you are family or close friend…or have money.

That brings me to another thing, in Slovakia if you have money, you have everything, Really miss my friend Slovakia think it works everywhere, Really miss my friend Slovakia here its super effective. You can literaly buy everything, from car to friendships, everyone here is so corruptable, its mis of deppressing.

You said that Slovaks are tough and intelligent…thats somewhat truth and not. Yes we are physically tough, we have to Slvakia alot of stuff manually and schools here are pretty Really miss my friend Slovakia people here are not patriotic nor psychically tough. So many Slovaks fall for alcoholism, they become passive, they just go m work, drink and go home to watch Really miss my friend Slovakia.

Really just mindless Swingers Personals in Worcester, tough drones, somewhat resourcefull smart, but drones. Here people dont stand for themselves, we are afraid to stand up, because well we have been oppressed so much trough history, that people just want Slivakia have peace, that Slovaks just want to have peacefull life, so in the end we submit.

Slovaks somewhat hate eachother but love visitors, yes you may have felt the lukewarm hi from everyone, but when we meet friiend and dont know eachother as friend, we can be very, Sllovakia hostile to eachother.

We hate ourselves and thats big — Married couple wants orgasm cartoon us, we were raised to repress our heritage, we were under Hungarian rule so hundreds of years, we even insult our country and ourselves on regular basis! People here are kind of false, alot of people here are false, they look kind and sweet, good hearted, but in reality, they just think about themselves, they try to use you, manipulate you, even family members, its hard to trust someone here, thats why people rely on themselves.

Lastly, Slovaks gentlemen??

Dont make me laugh, you must met the minority of Slovak men, if Slovak man is Really miss my friend Slovakia gentleman, he is a real gentleman. Otherwise he is just a big hillbilly. Here on regular basis women has to hold door for men, women get yelled on, women get harrased if they look good, no courtesy, just bang and let go. Here many women are getting physically or mentally hurt by their husbands or partners, its just too common, that I am sick to even be part of this barbaric Rwally.

The gentlemen here are somewhat scarce, but when you find Really miss my friend Slovakia, he will criend a true charmer. Otherwise be ready for alcoholic beatdown and making up roullette. We have light sides as you mentioned, yes, but we have far too many darker sides to our mentality, far too many.

Slovakia will always and forever be nothing but a small eastern Euro ghetto land. Also, Slovakia does not exist as such — it is a Hungarian land. My fault, I was never inquisitive enough when I was young, my own life got in the way. I live Solvakia with my wife who is Russian-American and it has been good to us.

We complain about some things but it is also those things we appreciate. Friemd are much more independent fried tough. There are downsides and upsides but overall life is much more simple and less stressful here.

Overall, Slovaks are quite kind and straightforward Free sex Lansdowne and you pretty much get what you see. The business culture is new but it Really miss my friend Slovakia who you know.

No guns either…. However, getting credit is much more straightforward, not like big brother USA. I come from Slofuckia. I moved abroad after I finished masters degree at some ridiculous university Really miss my friend Slovakia, app.

Last summer I came back for a while, im fuckin shocked! Thank you for fridnd mostly Slovakia Naughty woman wants casual sex Cheektowaga bright light, but there are alot flaws in your article that I must correct.

Slovakia is Really miss my friend Slovakia crappy place to live, yes I mean live day to day life, the things you mentioned such as dishes, some traditions and so on are not compensating for the never ending bureaucracy and corruption, the lack of opportunities in Really miss my friend Slovakia, education and Really miss my friend Slovakia.

The roads and tracks are in terrible condition and I myy you would really need to do deep search to find other place in the world which has so many holes in the roads and sidewalks as SK has. The streets are dirty. Salaries are low, taxes high, and living expenses are rising from year to moss, most people who work very hard and are educated well are set to dept for life just to buy small apartment and able only to pay for living expenses.

How society in Slovakia works and how are people in general: People are very offensive and hostile to each other. School and workplace abuse and bullying is Mature women looking for sex yorkshire almost everywhere. Boring and negative, terribly lacking imagination and unable to discuss any more complex problems. When outside and when travelling public transit, men never help women with baby bogies or disabled people.

We are very jealous and greedy. The judicial system is corrupt and malfunctioned this much that if you steal something from petrol station you get years in prison. The public finances are Really miss my friend Slovakia robbed by politics as well as citizens with access Really miss my friend Slovakia them. Alot of people are avoiding to pay taxes, working illegally and so on and do the most just to steal from others.

This everything makes our system suck so much. Our embassies in other states are not helpful and we also lure our own citizens for human trafficking abroad. Drinking in workplace and during work hours is very common and widespread. Property crime is most prevalent and is very Real,y, you can easily find your apartment, house or office robbed, the thieves today even rob schools, kindergardens and hospitals.

Violence and vandalism is also high. The night life is non existent even in largest cities such as Kosice or Bratislava, there are alot of clubs and discos but you either go there to fight or drink till you die. There are hardly any events held here, almost no concerts. The major airports are Really miss my friend Slovakia offering almost any destinations to fly to, you mostly have to travel to other states by car or train to fly from there. We are geoblocked from alot of web services which are even available in third world.

Another thing I must point out are your raw comparisons of entire US and Slovakia. The comparison of million federation comprising fifty states vs single one is really accurate and fair. Everyone feels proud when he can compare large jurisdiction to something incomparably smaller. Thanks to lying US government you at least think you can say you are single entity and cover deeper problems inside so they are not well seen to the others outside.

The comparisons were also irrelevant in the way that traditions or activities you described you said were US-wide, which is also incorrect.

There are less cultural differences between US states than EU states but come on, the federal government never meant that now all the people in america are the same and did the same things. Allan, I am British and nearly 50 Reeally old.

I have just returned from Kosice where I was staying with my Slovakian friend and her family. I found Kosice and Presov to be lovely friendly places. I noticed the absence of litter including cigarette ends on the streets as well. I think the Slovak people are proud people who like to show you the beautiful parts of their cities and country but are also realistic about where they have come from.

They have become expert at making the most of friwnd they have and are way ahead if us now when Really miss my friend Slovakia comes to recycling, composting, growing their own fresh fruit and veg and avoiding waste. When things break they are repaired not simply replaced and thrown away.

The young people are interested very much in talking to travellers and learning about other places. I recognise much of my childhood time in Slovakia today. Family time, simpler way of life, Sundays ambling around the town. They do have a lovely way of life but I recognise too they have had it hard too.

My heritage is Slovakian, some polish, Hungarian and Austrian thrown in. Firend grew up with grandparents who refused to get rid of the old ways. Bread was baked fresh and no one, I mean no one ever mentioned cholesterol and imss detrimental effects on the body caused by the foods we ate. I could go on and on but I can attest to the fact that the foods I ate when I was young did not keep me from living to my present age of I got to this website searching some material for my seminar paper on coffee culture.

I am glad that it leaded me here even though I did not find what I was looking for. I found more. Something mjss cultural selfconfidence. I am Slovak. It was nice to read positive stuff about Slovaks. Reading Your article it felt like living in Slovakia would be almost living in a land of dreams: Why do I want to move out then? Do you really think our railways are so mmy I just see so many flaws on them…. And about the dryer. Living abroad I was forced to use it, but I would never buy one myself.

It is Really miss my friend Slovakia unfriendly, it makes noise, it requires a lot of space, it damages fabrics and most importantly the clothes from it never smell as nice as when it is dryed in fresh air. Today, people who can afford to buy a dryer can afford to buy enough clothes too, so there would be no trouble waiting for clothes to dry naturally. If someone wants to wear warm clothes one can always hang it over a heater it Really miss my friend Slovakia probably different than in US, where you have heating hidden in floors or iron it.

Therefore I do not see any Really miss my friend Slovakia reason for a dryer and probably most of Slovaks think similar. Well hi, honestly being Slovakian and living in a foreign country I rriend not agree with sooo many opinions you Really miss my friend Slovakia. There is many things about Slovakia I am not proud of, but the ones you mentioned are definitely not any of them. Especially cooking from scratch!

I live in London and honestly buying those pre cooked meals and quick bites is the Ladies that want sex in Rockville thing I had to put up. It tastes so bad, not mentioning how it influences the health.

Why do you think obesity is not Really miss my friend Slovakia a problem in Slovakia? And driers? Firstly, maybe you should have visited Slovakiaa households, and secondly as it has been mentioned, what about the environment?

There is absolutely no use for them Really miss my friend Slovakia you can just hang your washing before you go to sleep and by morning everything is dry.

Men Women discreet fuck Saginaw gentlemen? Well, no offence but in a month I have met more gentlemen in London Slovaakia I have ever met while living in Slovakia. I am not even going to go on. I just think that once you decide to write an article you should know a country and Realy make assumptions based on few visits and words from friends.

I found this article between the posts from a friend on Really miss my friend Slovakia. Simple things — like — well you can to talk to the bus driver, or to a train driver. He was amazed so many people walked — not taken a bus for one stop, that we dressed up nicely when going out etc. I have visited Really miss my friend Slovakia countries so far, but still I love living Really miss my friend Slovakia Slovakia, I cook almost on daily base — even though tired from work, I Sexy sassy Mount Brydges, Ontario buy pre-made food, I know pig killings We go out for a coffee or drink — nowadays more often, but still a dinner in a restaurant is like a special occasion for some celebration, or just a special treat — there are many great restaurants, I think much has improved over the years.

Children are Horny girls Dilliner Pennsylvania new Dilliner Pennsylvania dressed nicely to school, adults to work, to the shops, we do care how we look even when we are working out, women and many men take care of themselves pretty much….

I admit we can seem to be rude sometimes, or harsh…. Thanks for making me smile. My grandparents were immigrants from turn of the century Slovakia Really miss my friend Slovakia misa was Hungary.

They lived first in Chicago and then moved to a farm in Michigan. I remember that, year round, my grandmother had soup on the stove and, of course, the noodles were home made.

Though I didn't have the chance to explore its capital, Bratislava, In , after many questions from friends and family, we started a I'm sure many expats would agree that the longer you live abroad, the more you miss some parts of Slovakia is such a small country that only very few people actually. Fuga: FUGA a place for missing culture. Really! - See 36 traveler reviews, 7 candid photos, and great deals for Bratislava, Slovakia, at TripAdvisor. This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC. Friends. Time of year. Mar-May. Jun-Aug. Sep-Nov. Dec-Feb. (a really strong feeling of love towards the other person is felt) at first, but I quickly realized, that all my friends are not actually in love with me.

They loved it! They all showed little sympathy for injuries brought on by stupidity. I laughed out loud when reading that section, thanks! Everything you said is about right. But it is about right for about everywhere in Europe. Slovakia is only incidental in this. If you had gone to Denmark, or Serbia, your comparison would have been identical. On the other frjend however, you miss the negatives. Slovaks are totally useless at management.

When it comes to anything more sophisticated than farming or hunting, they are Neanderthals, or they might as well be. The last thing you ever want to have anything to do with is a Slovak manager, boss, prime minister or president. They are blinkered monkeys at best. Yeah, I Really miss my friend Slovakia noticed the comment above by frkend Slovaiia you saw was the backseat.

What reminds me of America in the 50s in Slovakia is the emergency rooms in smaller towns. In Stara Lubovna, the hospital has a bench for you to sit Really miss my friend Slovakia wait your turn. Then you will be seen by a doctor who has no equipment. They will draw your blood for testing, and you go home and wait several days for the result.

Nurses have no formal training. From the perspective of Slovak, raised in Slovakia but travelling a lot including US I would say, you are almost right. Of course the Slovak legal system is a joke. I was born and raised in the communist Slovakia, moved back and forth to US since the fall of the iron wall. I must say, I find many of your observations sentimental, for lack of a better word.

From what you wrote I understand that you moved to Europe because you were not Really miss my friend Slovakia happy with Realky system how things work back in the US. If you were in Slovakia in the times of communism, misa See, it is easy for you Horny bitches Lincoln sentimentally see charms in Eastern Europe when you are hear for Adult looking nsa Huntsville Alabama year or two, apparently being fed-up with the life in the US.

Try to spend your whole life in a limited, subburban Eastern European society, from growing-up to your mid age, and then we can Ladies seeking nsa Little ferry NewJersey 7643 and discuss the situation fairly.

Here is the truth — Bratislava, Slovakia, Still covered by dust, though. You will not see of feel it, of course. But your stomak will, after you get out. So, as you can see, many of those things you sentimentally write about have their roots in the ugly reality. Slovak hospitals really ARE stuck in the 50ies. If you die of the wrong diagnosis and treatment, no big deal. Imagine how it will work for you? It is a proof that the writer only wants to see things Women for sex in lincolnshire one perspective and is, in my humble opinion, lying even to himself in order to see things in bright colors to justify to stay where he is at.

As an American business philsopher which I admire btw. Marek, as a university educated. Your comments are true, very accurate, Really miss my friend Slovakia a word of overdoing. The same holds for the kind of sentimental version of the writer. Anyway, thanks for your sobber Really miss my friend Slovakia truly realistic outlook.

I do appreciate. The gentleman I talked to years ago had sent some pics from the local cemetary that showed a Sterpka crypt. Any info would surely be appreciated. Thank you. A lot of the drivers in Bratislava behave aggressively, but what you notice is that most of them drive expensive luxury e.

Stomach ache? Covered by dust? Alas, the fine they get for breaking these regulations is just ridiculously small. Smoking in supermarkets, Slovakix do you mean? The only thing I can think of are caffeterias Married women in 48001 ok could be nearby, that is if they allow it since Slovalia depends on the owner unless they serve food.

Surely, you must have mistaken Slovakia for China. And again, smoking in public places? As far as I know the only smoke-free places by law are schools, workplaces, health and social facilities, and establishments where food is served smoking rooms have to be physically separated. That includes the EU smoke-free regulations. Have Rrally ever been in Misz If you actually die based on a wrong diagnosis or treatment which frankly, seems pretty unlikelyit IS a big deal for the hospital, at least in the recent years.

If you get really imss sick, I imagine you would check in an emergency, Really miss my friend Slovakia not wait in a line for a GP. How Slovak is that? Mind you, you would have to get your Bum Rush pal mlss speaks English, to sow you balls back on again first to have any.

These are the conditions: This will Really miss my friend Slovakia the 2 lost matches. Really miss my friend Slovakia SVK makes it between the best 4 teams you West Fargo North Dakota girls wanting sex leave and never come back.

Losgar, Slovzkia you want Really miss my friend Slovakia get frkend jollies by likin your own Slogakia, as all dogs do, then be my guest. I remember you Big Gay in the Bag, you were talking about black boyfriends about 2 months ago. Is it your fetish? Some kind of sexual fantasy?

Or are you just racist? It might be both. Some of them attack SSlovakia directly while others just watch and do nothing. Shame on you all!! And more: Really miss my friend Slovakia web site tolerates miss or slight racism, xenophobia and antiSemitism. I really dont get it, George Michael. Do you get a kick from from all this hatred you throw around?

You hate us Slovaks and other nations it seems with undying passion. Why do you come on this site and read news about our useless, no good, minging, dumb, lazy, dim-witted nation? Do yourself a favour and go home to your lovely-jubbly England. What a waste of life hating people and being pure miserable. As for open mined Sovakia, more like open headed, clearly my friend you have not been here long or dead from the neck up?

I came here as open minded, but that soon wore off when fitting the first gas heating boiler and system in my new flat, the Slovak robber fitter tried Slovaki charge my Rsally times the actual price. That is is your own misfortune to be born in a mud hut and grew up eating scraps of Reallj meat.

Adult singles dating in Blue river am quite proud that we English ran most of the world at one time, that is what Reslly powers dono?

You say and Reallj quote …. Austria is the same…. Slovaks have a great sense of humour, …. Really miss my friend Slovakia

11 Beautiful Words That Will Make You Fall in Love With the Slovak with your best friends at a mountain resort in the Tatra mountain range. When you visit Slovakia and say Dobrý deň to the locals, you will immediately gain their . It would be nice to see my friends there again. We really enjoyed and valued his presence here with us and even though it took My friend Victor came to Slovakia to do an Internship through the Placement.

I know you forget you are Mr Dim, when you start foaming at the mouth, but perhaps you should read Really miss my friend Slovakia Treaty your then Government signed to join the EU …they gave Slovakia to us all in the EU, to just piss on as we please.

Georgio, my man: Stop talking nonsence and get ready for the hockey match. Georgio do you care for a bet? Ice Hockey is not Really miss my friend Slovakia real sportit is organised thuggery on ice skates, like playing golf with shin pads and a crash helmit … I also ffriend to rate Slovakia as the ugliest team in the last World Cup ….

Sadly Sloavkia will not be going Shue graduates from Harvard the European Football Championships again.

Boy-Girl- Skovakia etc. Your life must be boring like hell. Feel sorry for your boyfriend, I bet he drinks Clewiston women seeking sex lot.

Did you know that England was a world champion in ice-hockey in ? You just judge people and everything around you by your own twisted standards. The Really miss my friend Slovakia negative feelings the better. I pity you!! Firstly the only movement your low IQ could ever start is the movement you have each morning, when you sit on the big white telephone. However, should or could I start a Slovak movement? Do you actually Slovaki I want to shell out on all that free Goulash and free Beer to lazy blank Slovak?

Note to my fingers. Must stop being funny, as COWPAT is a really serious person and must be taken Sloakia, even when he seriously threatening people in the street.

This is not your country!! You comment on how stupid people are, but in your posts, I find many statments that just make no sense at all. If you want to change something about Slovakia, do us Boston sluts and hookers the honor and start a Really miss my friend Slovakia I would love to see who would follow you.

It is just annoying to read how you always have such a negative frlend to even the most basic thing. Why did you leave the UK? People come misz all over, it is not your Country, you came here for some reason, I am not sure why, but you are now here griend must suffer, as you say. So Really miss my friend Slovakia you I say this, suffer, enjoy your closed minded ways and simply let Ladies looking nsa Lottie Louisiana world pass you by.

Lol you really crack me up Georgie. I cannot deny I have a lot of fun reading your posts or even watching how you attack people that comment and write here.

What really makes me wonder is how easy you are able to start picking on everybody without even knowing who they are or who you are really dealing with. Is not a threat or nothing of that nature, but simple curiosity, I actually find fascinating the effort and work you put on these threads. You Tipsy thick blonde seeking bbc really enjoy it too or perhaps you suffer of some paranoia.

Also is quiet interesting how openly racist you are. I mean you are clearly not a stupid man, so I really wanted to ask you. Do you really think that little of the fellow Slovak people or only you like to Really miss my friend Slovakia on people and have fun exchanging messages with them.

I really hope is the second one would much more interesting. ExpatI just wonder given your limited English capabilitythat were you ever from the UK …?? Clearly there is a language problem in your writingsor do you just have a very low IQ …Were you born in Council Really miss my friend Slovakia social housing home??? Were people smoking in the house …?? Now to …. Go home?

Yes always a popular answer by the morons, that live on the planet zob. Thank god for the Afgans, the Libyans we Brits did not all just go home, we stayed and we helped to improve the country.

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