In this page, you will find a selection of paintings by series, since 1990 - All works Copyright ADAGP from 1990 to 2023

  •  2022 - 2023 Collagen series V1

    Collagen series V1 is a series of works created from printed color rhodoids. In the order of the Face FS series, Collagen series represents a set of portraits, each of which is multiple. We can see there a puzzle of the psyche, of the times of an individual during his existence. Each portrait is a stratification like our memory, our consciousness. Collagen series is also, an irony on the biotechnological transformations, by which the individual can change physionomy, face... This is why the rhodoid used as a medium proves to be relevant. It is transparent, luminous allows you to play on the tone of the shades.

  •  2019 - 2021 Madonna series - Les Pleureuses

    Madonna series - les Pleureuses is a series of Indian ink drawings on paper in three sizes: 220x300 cm, 150x110 cm, 50x65 or 70 cm, where only contemporary women are represented. The set has fifty three works and started at the end of 2019 until spring 2021. The series originated at the Prado in front of Van Der Weyden's work: Deposition Of The Cross, where I discovered tears on the faces of Mary, and Mary Magdelena. The use of Indian Ink on paper, using Chinese brushes, is the desire to work with speed and energy, with an economy of means. But also with the idea of "The Unique Brush Stroke" of the monk Shitao. It's to reinvent the action of paint in the beginning of the 21 century.

  •  2016 - 2017 Face FS New Apostles series

    The New Apostles series is a series of oil paintings on canvas that includes around twenty works. The portraits are tightly framed to highlight the work of the complexion. The choice of this series comes from the set of works of the Apostles of Greco which are in his studio house in Toledo. Here, it is less a question of a religious representation, than portraits of men and women who have lived. The psychological charge of each face delivers a strong experience of existence which is reflected in the chromatic intensity of the skin tones. It is not a question of painting skin, but of painting flesh, a flesh which would have the symptoms of the sensitive which constitutes a life. On a number of backgrounds around the portrait, the artist has used an iridescent paint that changes color depending on the angle of view. Moreover the material is brushed in such a way that it appears as a ray of light.

  •  2015 - x Face FS Golgoth'Art series

    The Golgoth'Art series is a collection of oil on canvas works of wide dimension, still in progress. It is about the representation of the artist in his artstudio facing history, current events, facing his relationship to the world and to art. In my conception of culture, art is a historical continuation that feeds on the past to envisage, in new forms and pictorial grammar, the future. Golgoth'Art series is part of this ! Art is a winding road, between the old masters and the empty spaces that the artist has to create.

  •  2012 - 2015 Face Floating Soul - Second Time

    The Floating Soul Second Time corresponds to works of larger format. The pictoriality of the works is different. The effect felt in front of each portrait is striking because the scale of the human figure takes the viewer to the body and to the heart. The details of each portrait are also more visible. You are immersed in a portrait and a psychology. As in the first time, this set of works shows the interchangeability of beings, singular beings confronted with the global world, with the advent of biotechnology and artificial intelligence. The large formats of this set makes possible to develop scenes in which space, a semblance of landscape appears. In some works, a relief is added, this is to materialize the immaterial of the subject

  •  2004 - 2015 Face Floating Soul - First Time

    The Face Floating Soul series and work began in 2003 - 2004, when the artist came back from Japan, where he lived one year. For years already, he questionned in the works the subject of the human condition today, the place of humans in our civilisation, and its singularity to being unique, that is for him the main subject of thinking. Of this important series, as the name becomes emblematic of all his work, the artist often disgress from the straight line to explore different aspects of the floating souls. From the Bible, the Mythology, from the last technological discoveries, the series develops his semantic, and his unique pictoriality, where are melt the classic and the ultra-modernity. The artist always thought that painting was one of the most relevant medium to explain the human condition. That's his daily job !

  •  1990 - 2004 Foundations

    The first part of the artist's work was the one that developed the main subject of the work, by dint of syntheses and precisions. The representation of human already holds a prominent place, and the questions about it are inspired by the consumer society, alterity, the speed at which everything is consumed. Also, between 1990 and 2004, the amateur will find very diverse things, which nevertheless come together in small series of oil paintings on canvas with an increase in the size of the work which will go from 138x110 cm to 200x300 cm.