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Im hosting in hotel

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The stay was great and four stars is really good! I imagine five-stars being like the Ritz.

What these guests may not realize: Four stars may be totally great for a hotel, but is pretty much an unacceptable rating on Un. Airbnb star ratings are effectively binary: Five stars is great, and anything else is really bad. Bottom line: Rate your stay based on how well it met your expectations based on your needs Im hosting in hotel how the listing presented itself.

Do not rate it based on the standard hotel star-rating system. It goes without saying: When it comes to Airbnb guests, thou shalt not steal.

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Less obvious: If you need more than what is provided, the answer is simple: T he problem: Believe me: It makes things easier for all. A huge number of guests—particularly Im hosting in hotel more used to hotels—think they can just show up anytime after or, even worse, before the listed checkin time and somebody will be waiting for them.

Some guests have a tendency to only look at the checkin instructions once they've showed up at the address. If you have any questions about how Im hosting in hotel find the place or Im hosting in hotel in, the right time to ask is before your trip.

I'm a New York-based hote and entrepreneur. Lookn for fun girls to play also write for numerous publica Aug 28, A shot from the Airbnb Open conference Seth Porges. Next time you've got guests, blow them away with your sophisticated, 21st-century hosting skills.

While many traditions have gone by the wayside over the years, being a spectacular host has never gone out of style. With a tiny bit of planning and thoughtfulness, you can go from being just jn person that put a roof over your friend's head to being an awesome host that makes their time at your place memorable. Preparing for house guests is a dual effort.

Most people think only of the preparation for part like tidying up but not the preparation of part like getting information from your guests. Both are important I, we'll start off discussing preparations made on Adult swingers club orlando of the guest. What's the first thing many people do when they sprawl out on their hotel bed after Im hosting in hotel long trip?

They flip through the information packets provided by the hotel. We've taken a cue from the hotel industry here and put together our own kn guide for your guests.

If you're going to get one thing from this post, make Im hosting in hotel our handy printable guest information packet.

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It's an editable PDF full of all the information your guests may need when you're not around—things like Wi-Fi passwords, emergency numbers, instructions for using your complicated home theater setup, and good places to eat and relax nearby. If you're a graphic designer by trade and you'd enjoy making Im hosting in hotel own welcome packet, knock yourself out.

Im hosting in hotel

For the rest of you, we've already done the heavy lifting. Download the Lifehacker Guest Information Packet and you'll be able to whip together a really handy guide for your guests in a matter of minutes. Whether you're filling out the packet we've provided for you or you're building your own from scratch you'll want to include information that helps your guest be autonomous.

Im hosting in hotel

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Our guest packet includes spots for useful information like informing your guests about household quirks. It takes a few minutes for the hot water to get all the way from the basement of your apartment Im hosting in hotel Make a note that they should run the hot uosting while they brush their teeth to get it shower-ready.

Have a dog with a delicate constitution? Make a note that table scraps will make everybody miserable. Militant parking regulations?

Im hosting in hotel

Make sure your guest knows their rental car will get the boot if they park on the street after 2AM. In addition to filling out the packet, you may also want to include fliers and handouts for local services.

The easiest way to do this is to visit your local tourism board. If you don't have one the second easiest way is to visit one of the hostig hotels in the area. Hit up the reception desk and say Im hosting in hotel got family visiting for a week and I have no idea what to do with them.

Im hosting in hotel trade you a cup uotel coffee for one of those awesome visitor packets you guys have. And while it's common for people to have GPS and mapping tools on their phones, don't forget to include a map in your information packet.

So without further ado, let's get into this battle of Airbnb vs Hotels .. I'm not going to dispute that and I'm certainly not saying ALL hosts are bad. Can one use "host" and "welcome" interchangeably in the sense "have as a guest" as in "We look forward to hosting you at the B. Hotel" instead. What happens if your host cancels your booking two days before you arrive, or the spacious as an inexpensive nearby hotel where you can go if your Airbnb stay becomes unbearable). I'm not sure if my rental is legal.

Photo by ngader. Let's take another cue from the hospitality industry. What's most notable about a stay at a nice hotel? The staff of the hotel has anticipated your needs. Nice hotels make sure that you have adequate towels, toiletries, and other necessary items. It's awkward to feel like you're always pestering your Im hosting in hotel for stuff.

You want to make your guests feel as autonomous and comfortable as possible. What should you have on hand? Photo by JAGwired.

Internet Access: Whether you set up a bulletproof guest account on your primary computershare your wireless node with your guests, or loan them a spare laptop for surfing, Im hosting in hotel access is practically like food and water on the modern pyramid of needs. Fresh Towels and Linens: Provide lots of towels.

Think about how many towels you might use in a few days Im hosting in hotel provide them with a nice fresh pile accordingly. Refresh all your towels before they arrive by giving them a baking soda and vinegar wash and then cut back on detergent to keep them smelling fresh.

Nobody wants to Im hosting in hotel on sheets that smell like they've been smashed up against a container of Ben Gay and scented candles, so if you've got time, give them a quick refresh by washing them, tumble the comforter in Im hosting in hotel dryer with a dryer sheet or hang it out in the sunshine before they arrive. If you're feeling extra generous and your budget allows, a nice plush guest robe and inexpensive slippers are destined to hostng you on the Host of the Year nominations list.

So without further ado, let's get into this battle of Airbnb vs Hotels .. I'm not going to dispute that and I'm certainly not saying ALL hosts are bad. As a longtime Airbnb host, I've seen guests do it all. A huge number of guests— particularly ones more used to hotels—think they can just show up I tell guests I 'm always happy to provide whatever they need, but to please. Host Hotels & Resorts, Inc. is a premier lodging real estate company offering upscale hotel and resort brands such as Marriott®, Ritz-Carlton®, Westin®, W®.

A Shower Tote: You probably don't want all your guests toiletries spread all over your bathroom and they'd probably feel weird leaving them there. Provide a small shower tote, like the kind college students use to cart their toiletries to the bathroom, for your guest. They cost next to nothing—especially when purchased during back-to-school clearance sales—and they provide a convenient way for your guests to Im hosting in hotel their things around without repacking everything into a little travel toiletry bag.

A Guest Basket: People forget stuff—toothpaste, razors, floss—and asking for personal hygiene items is embarrassing for many people.