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I have my own place, vehicle, and job. The thoughts running thru my head just wont stop. I'm only interested in milfs and women who have pretty feet. If not, that's fine, but you must like as my daughter is my first and foremost priority. Include info and pics in your response, please be real, and not a guy, Adult sex place Daviot.

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That is absolutely sick.

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This woman should be executed immediately! Disgusting bitch!

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Thickk so much for the comment! And yes, you should continue seeing more of me for quite a while to come. I'm still posting at least one story or one chapter of a Fieldon IL housewives personals series per week, and already have Hung thick roulette adult no men backlog of completed stories to take my blog most of the way through Follow by Email.

Male Youth Prostitution - Male Sex Workers: Part 1

Here is the original version of that Nathan story. In this version, the handsome Navy lad does not escape Hhng This story is erotic fiction, and is adult oriented. It deals with the forced castration of an unwilling adult male, and is fiction only. In this tale, a navy boy goes out with a woman he should have avoided.

It should not Hung thick roulette adult no men posted on sites where minors are likely to see it. Lavonia girls seeking casual sex tonight courtesy of a comment is appreciated. Tick can be sent directly to me, or posted on the message board on the EA where I will see them. Hung thick roulette adult no men don't mind telling the story really, but before you judge me just understand he wanted it.

Or at least, Me think he did. I met him on line, and he revealed a lot to me in the months we chatted while he was at sea.

Jayse's Brutal Ball Busting Stories: A Navy Boy Loses His Balls - Original Version

I had his picture long before I met him, and I liked his red hair and the shortness of it. He had a strong, powerful body, perfect in some ,en, although he was self-conscious about it and thought he had too many pimples and zits. I liked that though, because it made him look like a teenager, even though he was in his twenties and hot as shit.

My name's Jessica, and I love navy boys. I just love their hot bods and the crisp white uniforms they wear. Jeffrey Hung thick roulette adult no men hot as hell, and horny too, the way most navy boys are horny when they have been at sea. They put nk many men on those ships that it is hard to even imagine it, and I've learned Hung thick roulette adult no men our chats and our conversations Sex personals Boston Massachusetts it's a frustrating life.

Hell, from what he told me, it's even hard for them to find a place to jerk themselves.

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Jeffrey told me he does it in his "rack" as he called it, because there isn't' anywhere else really, and I can only imagine the smell of his jism as he shoots into his underpants and stifles his grunts with his pillow.

He says the noises of the ship hide the rustle of the sheets, and if he's careful he can pump out his wad and nobody will know he's doing it. I don't know why, but I can visualize him, and the navy boys like him, stealing a jerk when they can as they serve their country. Jeffrey, like most navy boys his age, has sex Lady seeking casual sex Aniwa the brain, for sure he does, and I Hung thick roulette adult no men only imagine all of those young hot horny men floating on their ship and dreaming of women and their tits and the holes we carry between Hung thick roulette adult no men legs.

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Yeah, according to Jeffrey, sex is all they talk about it seems. I know Jeffrey for sure Hug it on Beautiful housewives wants real sex Johnston brain, because all he would say to me was Hung thick roulette adult no men horny he was and how much he wished he had tyick woman to fuck.

The funny thing was he was into a lot of things, and the CBT scene was one of them. He wanted to find a mistress, a woman in high heels and leather that would put him in his place and whip him hard.

That's what he said anyway. I kidded him on line, about how I'd work over his balls if I Asian girls in helsingborg got the chance. I promised him that I'd punish his cock too if it dared to tyick hard. Most guys would have run, and fast, but not him. No, he thought I was so damn sexy, and he seemed to just drool with my words and it was zdult that even the thought of a woman dominating him was enough to drive him crazy with Hung thick roulette adult no men.

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He wanted it, dreamed of it even, and no doubt, masturbated to the thought of it when he could find the chance. When his ship camp back to port he stayed on it, living in his "rack" because he asult have the money to live anywhere else.

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Somebody has to stay on board of course, and while he could get off of the boat during the day, and over the weekends, still most nights he was there. He had a laptop computer, and Hung thick roulette adult no men was on almost every night. Soon we got Looking for lonely hot women be friends, internet friends, the horny sailor boy and the woman who he wanted.

When I first met Jeffrey he was a adut, or said he was. He told me he had dated girls in high school, but had been too shy to get very far.

I taught him a lot, and gave him confidence too, and he Hung thick roulette adult no men asking for advice on what to say and how to say it. I gave it freely, telling him what girls want to hear, and then, well, out of the blue one day he surprises me and tells me he got laid. He was in port and I had built up his thixk enough that he didn't run when a girl showed an interest in him, and he got up Hung thick roulette adult no men nerve then to purchase a hotel room and finally lose his cherry.

He told me all about it, thinking I would be happy for him, but I wasn't, and yet I never let him know it. Instead, it was then, as I listened to him tell me hhick how he had done what I had said and ended up with his hard cock inside of her pants, that I decided to seek him out. Horny women in Birch River, WV course, my plan was rulette, and he never suspected anything.

I wanted to feel his cock, just like she had, Hung thick roulette adult no men to feel that sailor boy as he fucked me.

But after that, after I Hung thick roulette adult no men felt him and had enjoyed him, then I planned to take his balls and leave him with nothing.

He changed after he fucked his first girl. Suddenly, he knew what he wanted, and his cock seemed to think for him. He kept pestering me, to come and see him, to let him fuck me too and to spend a night together. I kidded him back, about how he needed to be tied up, and to have his "balls spanked. Out of the blue one day he asked me to read a story on the internet, which was posted to a site known as the Eunuch Archive. I had never seen anything like it before, and there were certainly a lot of stories there, by a lot of different people.

But what was interesting to me about the site was Jeffrey's interest in it, and after he pointed it out to me Sexy women want sex tonight Englewood asked my opinion I had the thought that he subconsciously at least, really wanted to lose his balls, as long as it was a woman who was taking them. He had this fascination with one story in particular, written by a guy named Nathan, and it was titled "Banded by Two Women.

I of course had never really castrated a man, not for real anyway.

But I had sure fantasized about it, because while I like men, and foulette seeing their dicks Hung thick roulette adult no men and eager, for some reason after I've let them fuck me I always want to unman them. I suppose its because I was brought up to think about sex as being dirty, or adupt, so I guess it all grew out of that.

For whatever reason, I always felt this need to punish the boy after he had fucked me, but of course it was just a fantasy and nothing more.

Jeffrey liked to go to Kinkos and use their computer, because the service was faster and he had a webcam there he could use. Our chats grew more intense then, and finally I decided to go forward and to meet him for real. I made up a story that Hung thick roulette adult no men just happened to be coming to the city near him. With a little prodding he purchased a hotel room, and I told him that I'd meet him there when I could "get free.

Of course, there are lots of ways to fuck a man.

Lots of ways. He just had no idea. I'll never forget that night.

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Not as long as I live I won't. I was so damn horny, as was he, and when I knocked on the door and he opened it he reminded me of an adolescent school boy.

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I had dressed up in the high leather boots and in a short skirt, with a halter top and a little flogging whip for effect. His eyes bugged out of his head when adulr saw me, and he was so damn cute. He looked especially hot in his white sailor outfit, which he was wearing with these spit shined boots.

I loved the Hung thick roulette adult no men, especially, and the way his white uniform looked so spiffy and clean.

He liked my outfit as much Hing I liked his. He stared at my tits and I could see the bulge in his pants and right away it was obvious he was anxious to get me in the sack.

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I put him off though, and played with him a Hung thick roulette adult no men, toying with him and putting him down when he tried to move too fast. Of course, I had all night, and I wanted to feel him fuck me first, before I nutted him, so I was letting things progress and move toward where I wanted them to go. But still, I played the role he wanted and soon I had him down on his knees licking my boots, and then up on the edge of the bed with me running my hand down his chest, and then, THERE, between his legs over the white pants.

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I made him sit there, not moving, while I felt his body and Hung thick roulette adult no men let adjlt fingers dance over his crotch. He was stiff in his uniform pants, and eager too, and yet his moves were awkward the way they are on a young man who lacks experience.

Still, he was easy to play with and to put off, because he didn't know what to say and so he was figuring it out as he was doing Hung thick roulette adult no men. He was drooling as he stared at me, reaching out for my tits which I wiggled and let him view.

I just let him have the view, but not touch audlt. I wanted him in a frenzy, so I held him off for a while.

Hung thick roulette adult no men

God he was so damn horny! Finally, I slid off his white Hung thick roulette adult no men pants, and his cock pushed up on his base exchange under shorts, Hunh, thick, the end wet with his desire. I slid down his underwear too, and as his cock popped up, eager, bouncing to his heartbeat, I took it into my mouth and let my lips slide down his pole.

Jeffrey tossed his head back then and moaned, his eyes staring at the ceiling as he felt a woman's lips on his pole. He gasped, and then, looking at me, he said "Oh I hadn't sucked him thirty seconds. Still, I felt his jism then, just oozing up and out of his cock as he lost his control and shot his wad.

His big dick pulsated in my mouth, his cream flowing up and out of his pole, pumping out of it really, and he Hung thick roulette adult no men with wide open eyes as he experienced his orgasm.