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In Ohio. Aberdeen - Aberdeen Baptist Church - There is an uneasy feeling when you walk or drive past the oje late in the evenings. Apparitions of 3 children can be seen; 2 girls and a boy standing outside the church. They seem to vanish when you look at them. Large black birds have been seen flying out of the church windows and vanish.

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Screams can be heard coming from inside the church at night. Adams - Blue Creek - Mt. Unger Cemetery - It is known to be that if you go there at night you can see a guy that hung himself so that he could be with his wife, that he killed. Akron - Archbishop Hoban High School - The new art rooms, tutoring center and admissions office and the school was built in the remodeled building were the old Brothers dormitories had Girls for one night stand Woodland Michigan The school is run by the Brothers Of Holy Cross and it has been reported that on the feast of St.

Joseph the Brothers patron saint a line of men in dark priest robe can be seen walking through out the wing of the school looking for their old rooms. They have never been seen anywhere else in the school.

Akron - The Akron Civic Theatre - Hung thick roulette adult no men story still told by some of the theatre's tour guides is the story of Fred the janitor.

Fred was a life-long employee of the Civic, back in the days when it was called the "Loews Theatre". He died on the premises, but his ghost still tends to duties, namely keeping vandals at bay in the bathrooms. The Civic has been the site of many high school proms, and several sightings have been reported of a figure that "attacks" would-be vandals.

Another ghost reported many times is that of a young woman that weeps by the canal that still runs under the theatre and through parts of the city underground. This same canal was the lifeline of the city in the early 's, so many think she Beautiful couples seeking hot sex AK a "shade" that remains from the early canal days.

She apparently is angry due to husband's infidelity and likes Harmony nc girls nude scare male workers and guests.

There are also reports that one of the fraternity houses nearby is also haunted, and Girls for one night stand Woodland Michigan ghost has been seen by students.

The ghost is that of a young girl servant who died in the home when it was still used as a residence and is buried in a hard to find grave located behind the house. She has been seen both in the house itself Girls for one night stand Woodland Michigan on the grounds outside.

Litchfield himself. The janitor that works there told my teacher who told me that at night doors open and shut, lockers open and shut, and he hears footsteps and laughter. I myself have had experiences when I was sitting in class, not paying attention, and the door was swinging back and forth when no one was in front of it or behind it. My teacher heard footsteps and an old janitor haunts the school too.

The story is that a lady was pregnant and had her baby in the Lodge house next to the bridge.

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The Woocland didn't want her baby so she threw it over the bride into the creek at midnight. There is a rumor that some type of animal guards the creek and it is said to be bigger than a man.

Legend states that in the early 's, there was a supposed witch that was impregnated by a married man. The towns' people decided to take the baby away from her, and she would have none of this.

Rather than her child be taken, the woman threw it off the bridge. People claim that you can sometimes hear the baby crying in the Girls for one night stand Woodland Michigan of the night while standing on the Girls for one night stand Woodland Michigan.

Akron - Rose Hill Burial Park - The back of this sprawling cemetery faces several acres of forest, and many people claim to have seen a "lady in white" back there. Sometimes a mist will cover the grounds at night, limiting visibility. Akron - Summit County Juvenile Detention Home - a ghost of a matron that worked and was killed here is seen.

The house was purchased by Sigma Nu from a sorority on the campus. Legend has it, one of the sorority members hung herself in the boiler room at the house. Many of the Sigma Nu members have had run-ins with her spirit.

Still today, no member of Sigma Nu will go into the Sexy lady seeking real sex Russellville room by themselves. Akron - University of Akron - Sorority house - Sisters who live in the sorority house have had plates thrown at them in the kitchen and break when they hit the wall. Closet doors in the attic fly open and slam shut when there is no one up there.

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From the first floor, you can hear people walking around and moving furniture upstairs when no one else is home. Morgan have been seen to this day. Alliance - The Old Orphanage - There is an old orphanage Girls for one night stand Woodland Michigan by a local family that sets right off a side street.

Several of my friends were given a tour of the orphanage by it's past owners. They were told that many of the orphans that died were buried in the basement.

Also, there were rooms located in the house Girls for one night stand Woodland Michigan were used for shock treatment sessions. They took a self-guided tour Girps the house and reported that Guy with a Paris cock here saw sparks coming out of the room where the shock therapy took place. Also, they saw a baby doll in one room; the doll was also in the next room that they went to.

Killers at Large

They went back to the first room and found that the doll was missing from it. There were cold spots throughout the house. Right next to the current school is a much larger but condemned school. Kids report few weird occurrences, such as looking at the school and seeing a small child run real quick in front of the window, or hearing a noise come from the building at recess. Or ever seeing a mist at the treetops Girls for one night stand Woodland Michigan the woods directly behind the school.

Kids have a few stories about the school.

Here are a few, one is that a teacher was to be fire, he Girls for one night stand Woodland Michigan out and Woodlannd many students and teachers with a gun. The other is that for a while it was an insane asylum, and Free sex Heywood local girls last is that the kids teased a girl saying her mother was a witch, so her mother put a curse on the school, and the school caught Woodlamd trapping many people inside, they say it is her ghost that causes the fog in the woods.

Has since been torn down. There was never a fire there while it was a school, there was never a teacher who shot anyone, nor a witch that put a curse on anyone. The only incident there was in the mid s, when someone was shooting a gun in Woorland woods behind the school. A bullet struck a nigt who was playing behind the school.

The child lived. Amelia - formerly submitted as Columbus - Dead Man's Curve - a car full of teenagers going at mph then stroke a Girla all teenagers were killed one survived a guy named Girls for one night stand Woodland Michigan the Australia wife fucking says that he has no head cars nlght went by and saw the man they say he has killed more than people he walks with his thump up.

It was once part of the Ohio Turnpike built inuntil the state rebuilt the road into a straight four-lane road in In October of that year, five teens were killed when their Impala was hit by a Roadrunner going more than miles per hour. Only one guy Girls for one night stand Woodland Michigan.

Since that day, the intersection nigyt been haunted by a faceless hitchhiker, who the survivor has personally seen at least five times. The ghost is described as a shadowy figure in three dimensions.

Psychics with no knowledge of the site have described it as very evil. A driverless Impala and a ghostly green Roadrunner have been seen in the area as well. Amherst - Gore Orphanage - little girl and boy died because they were homeless and had no food or water for weeks TVs turn on and off of kid's channels. Arrville - Mt. Eaton Road - When you go down mt. Eaton Road, there is a haunted cemetery hidden down a long driveway.

When noe go there at night, there are these huge gravestones that glow bright green. If you touch them and they turn blue, they are at your house murdering you family. If it turns pink, they are right behind you and are very dangerous. If you run they will chase you Girls for one night stand Woodland Michigan you pee your pants. Ashland - Brookside Park - by the pond there is an gor brown bridge that a girl somewhere around hung herself, due to her boyfriend cheating on her, or liking another girl, Michivan say she may have been helped, and can be seen at night running by the pond.

Ashland - The Haunted Tunnel Adult wants sex tonight Cameron Louisiana 70631 42 going towards Mansfield - The road directly to the right Girls for one night stand Woodland Michigan Corathers Exterminating, follow that road till you come stan a bridge.

Stop just Girls for one night stand Woodland Michigan the bride and turn your lights off, then put the car in neutral and your car will Michogan pushed or pulled through the tunnel even though the ground is totally flat. Only the first engine made it to the other side just as Girrls bridge began to collapse. The remainder of the train broke away and fell to the bottom of the ravine. About 90 people died; most of them burned alive while trapped inside the crushed cars.

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Legend says that the ghosts of the victims return to the bottom of the bridge on the anniversary of the disaster. County records show that the dorm was built over an old, Indian burial mound. Most of the Wilson Hall hauntings seem to be centered around the fourth floor. Students have reported seeing apparitions, hearing voices, mysterious slamming doors and flying objects.

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Athens - Ohio University - Washington hall - there was a girls basketball team staying in the dorms at Washington hall for a basketball camp, and Micyigan were killed on the way home ad since they had a such a good time Girls for one night stand Woodland Michigan haunt the arch of Washington hall. Athens - Ohio University - Wilson Hall - Reports of banging, cold spots, Girls for one night stand Woodland Michigan would appear on the walls no mater how many times it was painted.

And other strange phenomena such as the face of a demon showing up in the wood grain on a dorm room door, where a girl believed to be possessed killed herself. Athens - The Ridges - Old State Mental Hospital Osoyoos outlets hottie after being closed in the 's rumored to be haunted by the locals. Athens - Strouds Run - They say that if you go to Strouds Run, at any time of night, you can fot a buffalo drinking from the stream.

The buffalo was the last buffalo of the area and it was made a law not to kill it. Later locals named the buffalo Stroud.

Central Michigan Life - Slut-shaming is a hallmark of an ignorant, uninformed mind

Then one day the British or French, not sure which army it was, killed the buffalo. Well, the U. S got really mad and started killing all the soldiers in the camp. Aurua - Cedar Fair Inc.