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Happenings in New York City

The happenings in New York city were created during the city walks. The artist chose locations in the urban space to place reproductions of works of art, or communication panels. As in the performance with the butoh dancers, the artist decided to bring his floating souls in the city of lights, in order to expose a vision of the modern human, where everything is played out rapidly, such as the transformation of the world by digital technologies.

Artistic performances

Since the creation of the Face FS series in 2004, the artist wanted to work occasionally with other artists during exhibitions. Thus, from Manosque to Paris and New York, the artist worked with Butoh dancers from Japan: Maki Watanabe and Gyohei Zatsu, with whom he performed in theaters, galleries and in New York city. In New York for example, the artist walked Maki Watanabe on a leash through the streets to bring her to the gallery where the opening of tte exhibition was taking place. It was a question of transporting his work, his designs, his vision of the modern human being to the New York stage, as he had already introduced them to Paris.

Another equally powerful performance took place in a Templar castle in Provence, in the town of Gréoux-les-Bains, with a trumpeter: Mathieu Esterni, where he played a jazz interpretation of Wagner's "Funeral March". The artist had asked him to compose this arrangement for his sculpture exhibition: "Farglivert", structured around the memory of the Shoah, of the extermination camps of the second world war.

Finally, an ironic performance took place in this same castle of the Templars, for the staging of the artist's funeral, in 2058! He painted himself dead surrounded by floating souls. The castle's guardroom was filled with prie-Dieu, and the artist arrived with a bouquet of spring flowers.

Black and White photographs

Black and white photography was part of the artist's work between 1986 and 2010. Tens of thousands of pictures have been taken in many cuntries: Asia, Europe, and the USA. The aim was to discover humanity, and its daily life. For the artist, this winding road was also an initiatory journey. On this page you will discover some of the images that animated the artist's sprit along the way