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Christophe Avella Bagur is a French artist born in 1968.

The artist studied at the University of Aix-en-Provence  Arts & Humanities (1987-89) and then at the Sorbonne university Paris (1990-92) to the Master2 .

His first gallery exhibition in 1992 in Paris.

He is primarily a painter, but draws, sculpts and makes videos .


Solo Exhibitions

1992 Galerie OZ, Paris.
1994 " Les Arctuelles ", galerie Robespierre, Dunkerque, Northen France.
           Galerie OZ, Paris.
1996 " Le don et le retrait " (Gift and withdrawal), galerie OZ, Paris.
1998 " No cheat / Pas de tricherie ", galerie OZ, Paris.
2002 " Sur le fil / On the Edge ", galerie Jean-luc & Takako Richard, Paris.
2003 French Institute, Berlin.
2004 " Floating soul ", Jean-luc & Takako Richard gallery, Paris.
2006 "Face FS series", Museum Auguste Jacquet, Beaucaire, France.
2007 "Face FS - Moratoire des  Vanités", Jean-Luc & Takako Richard gallery, Paris.
2008 "Face FS - Premium", Jean-Luc & Takako Richard gallery, Paris
2009 Works from 2004 to 2009, Carzou Foundation, Manosque, France.
2010 "Hyper-Painting ", Jean-Luc & Takako Richard gallery, Paris.
2011 "Face FS-La Châsse de l'Homme / Reliquary of Human", Jean-Luc & Takako Richard Gallery, Paris.
2012 "Floating Soul”, Galerie Richard, 514 West 24th Street, New York, USA.
2012 "Floating Soul-Grand Funeral and Silent Prayers", Castle of Knight Templar, Gréoux-Les-Bains, France.
2014 “Spirit of Resilience / Part 1 ”, Galerie Richard, Paris..

2014 “Spirit of Resilience / Part 2”, Galerie Richard, New York.

2014 “Face FS Farglivert”, Castle of Knight Templar, Gréoux-les-bains, France.

2015 From 1993 to 2014, Galerie du Comble, Virton, Belgium.

2016 Conference-exhibition  : The portraits,  Virton , Belgium.

Group Exhibitions 

1993 Salon d'art contemporain, Montrouge, France.
1994 Salon d'art contemporain, Montrouge, France.
        Young Painting, Grand Palais, Paris.
1995 Salon d'art contemporain, Bagneux, France.
        "Courant d'art", Galerie Area, Deauville.
1996 "The exodus has begun", Paris.
        "Eclate moi", Paris.
        Salon d'art contemporain, Bagneux, France.
1998 "State of nature", with Yoshinori Hosoki and Margat, galerie OZ, Paris.
1999 KunstRAI, Galerie OZ, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
2001 Paris Art Gallery, Chiba, Tokyo, Japan.
2001 KunstRAI, Galerie OZ, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
2001 Christophe Avella Bagur and Attila Richard Lukacs, galerie Oz, Paris.
2003 "Qu'est-ce que l'art domestique ? (2)", Jean-Luc & Takako Richard gallery, CERAP, Paris.
2004 Art Fair, Rotterdam, Netherlands.
2004 Art Fair, Frankfurt, Germany.
2004 ArtParis 2004, France.
2004 Art Fair, Cologne, Germany.
2005 Museum of contemporary art of Lyon (Moca), "My favourite things": painting in France, curated by Richard Leydier
2006 Van Gogh space in Arles (Provence), "Contemporary figures ", with Jean Lerin.
2006 Orangerie du Sénat, Paris, "Human Size/Taille humaine", curated by Christian Gattinoni and Michèle Robine.
2007 “French Touche”, Villa Tamaris contemporary art center, La Seyne-sur-Mer, Provence, France.
2007 Slick 2007, Jean-Luc & Takako Richard gallery, Paris.
2008 Art Amsterdam, Netherlands.
2008 SoFF (So Feucking French), The Village Underground, London, UK.
2010 "Works on paper" , 16 artists (Benjamin Edwards, Beverly Fishman, Carl Fudge, Ron Gorchov, Stefan 
          Hoenerloh, Shirley Kaneda, Alain Kirili, Adam Ross...).
2011 "Enigmatic Fantasies" Gallery Altro Mondo (, Manilla, Philippines.
2011 "Collection : First Selection", Villa Tamaris contemporary art center, La Seyne sur Mer, Provence, France.
2011 Shanghai Contemporary, gallery Altromondo.
2012 “Les Braves 2”, Jean-Luc and Takako Richard gallery, with Ic, Heuzé, Agrinier, Van Den Besselaar, Paris.

2012 ArtParis- with Avella-Bagur, Elrod, Fishman, Hoenerloh, Kaneda, Nakagami.
2012 « First Year in New York », galerie Richard, with Dionisio Gonzales, Paul Henry Ramirez, Joseph Nechvatal, Carl Fudge, New York.
2013 Artparis- ArtFair avec Gorchov Ron, Bogart Bram, Beverly, Matsutani Takesada, Nakagami ,  Sven-Ole.

2013 “Head”, Bosi Contemporary gallery, curators Robert Curcio and Dominick Lombardi, with Chambliss Giobbi, Benedetta Bonichi, Richard Butler,

         Lori Field, Rieko Fujinami, Ronald L. Hall, Nina Levy, Esther Naor and Lena Viddo, New York. USA.

2013 Documenta USA 2013, Museum of New Art, Detroit, USA.

2013 Bridgeport ArtCenter, with NAME gallery, Chicago, USA.

2014 ArtParis 2014, Grand Palais, Paris.  

2014 “42th Osten Drawing Biennial”, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.

2014 “25 Birthday of Galerie Richard”, Paris.

2015 “Works on Paper”, artists of the gallery, Galerie Richard, Paris.

2015 The Selfie Show, Museum Of New Art, Detroit, USA.

2015 Flux Fair Harlem, New York, USA.

2015 Digital Week, “Identité révé(l)ée”, MI Galerie, Paris.

2015 “(Dé)figurations”, Galerie Domi Nostrae, Lyon.

2016 “Ex-Peri-Mentation”, LAC Art Center, curated by Hervé Ic, Narbonne, France.

2016 “Real Truth”, National Museum of Shi Jia Zhuang (Heibei province), China.

2016  La force de la peinture, curated by Athénaïs Rezette, Virton, Belgium.

Press, books, reviews

1993 Catalogue du salon d'art contemporain de Montrouge.
1994 Catalogue du salon d'art contemporain de Montrouge.
1995 Catalogue du salon d'art contemporain de Bagneux.
1996 Marie, Cecile " The exodus has begun ", Le journal des expositions, march.
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2002 Monography from 1990 to 2002, text by Philippe Dagen (Le Monde), edition of the Galerie Richard.
2002 " Ni trop, ni trop ", Art actuel, september-october.
2004 Leydier, Richard " The new french painting " Art Press, December.
2004 Catalogue ArtParis 2004.
2005 LeGouic Jean Claude, " chris avella bagur, Fake, fall and flesh " aesthetic analyse of the works (2002/2004).
2006 Claire Fiorletta, The Provence (1st march), "Three questions to Christophe Avella Bagur and Jean Lérin.
2006 LeGouic Jean Claude, "Who to see? What to see there?", aesthetic analyse of the FACE FS series.
2006 Catalogue "ArtSenat 2006 - Taille humaine / Human Size", Editions  Area revue, Paris.
2006 In Libération, 27-28 mai, p 37. "L'Art en Mesures", Henri-François Debailleux.
2007 "French Touche", book edited by the center of contemporary art Villa Tamaris.
2007 in Artpress  n°335, p.88, reviews "French Touche" by Anne Malherbe.
2007 in Artpress  n°340, p.92, article by Sylvie Lagnier.
2007, article by Evelyne Bennati on the solo exhibition : "Face FS moratoire des vanités".
2007, reviews of december in Paris.
2008, article by Jean-Louis Poitevin :"Formes de l'impensable".
2008 A view of the last solo exhibition (2007) has been published, page 7 in Grand Collection Publication, 
         Art in Japan 2008, Tokyo.
2008 Artexit, coreanart magazine, Vol 5, page 70, article about the gallery Richard with picture of |Face FS21 I Want 
         A Good Fortune.
2008 article de Laure Dasinières about the exhibition Face FS Prenium, 9th of september.
2008 Beaux-arts Magazine, october, p 132 picture of Face FS59 Holy Life Give Me The Best, Article about Frieze and SoFF.
2009 Monography : "Floating Soul" from 1990 to 2009, 88p, hard cover, full color. Editions Artstudio 134. 
         Published on
2009 La Provence, june7th, Jean-Pierre Tissier :
2009 Radio Interview on "Fréquence Mistral", june 11th by François  Malabave.
2010 "Tentative" by Mutt,, 21 janvier 2010.
2010 "Tel un frère" by Florent Fournès,ère, 
         15 février 2010.
2010 AZART (le magazine international de la Peinture), n° 45 Juillet-Août, cover of the magazine (Face FS58 I Make Up My  Life To Feel True)

         and article by Gérard Gamand p 60-68. Six works presented in full page.
2011 AZART, book event for the tenth birthday of the magazine.

From 2012 : reviews about the exhibitions in New York, Paris, etc.!/about  by Nastia Voynovskaya